Fellowship 2016 – 2017 – Introduction


Who Am I?

This is Dewi Yuliani and I am the new IA TOKI’s Full-Timer/Ops Manager who will be working closely with the Adviser, Committee, and all TOKI Alumni. Thanks for reading my first blog.

A bit about myself, I am passionate about community and event-related jobs and I find that working in IA TOKI is somehow related, but it is something new as well. I got curious so I applied for the job. Previously, I was working in East Ventures as a Community Manager and EV Hive coworking space as a Facility Manager with responsibilities such as (but not limited to) managing internal/external events, facility management, social media, community building, sales, and etc. I describe myself as someone who is good at operational-related jobs, and a people person (found this out from Gallup Strength Test).

Why Did I Join

I know IA TOKI a long time ago from Brian Marshal, a close friend of mine. He offered me this job because he thinks that I might be suitable for this. I met and talked with Ali Jaya Meilio before so I understand a little bit about his role and responsibilities. Long story short, we did a casual interview together with Arief Widhiyasa, Derianto Kusuma, and Leontius Adhika Pradhana (which happened to be there as well). The main reason of my excitement to join IA TOKI is because I know some of TOKI Alumni really well (like Brian, Petra Barus, Ricky Jeremiah Djajadi, Irvan Putra, Leon), get a chance to work together with awesome people, and this is a Non-Profit organisation (which means you got the chance to do something good).

How Can I Contribute?

I have been working for more than 3 years in the tech startup scene and I believe I have a strong network of startups and tech communities. I would like to leverage my network and build more collaboration between IA TOKI and the stakeholders in Indonesia’s tech ecosystem.

I also hope that I can contribute on resolving the uncompleted jobs/business, such as legal matters, bookkeeping, fundraising, database collection, etc.


  • Administrative (Finance)
    • Manage IA TOKI bank account
    • Use SAAS (software) for proper bookkeeping
    • Consult with a tax consultant for anything tax related
  • Communication (Public)
    • Social Media
      • Manage Facebook page (public and private)
      • Delete Twitter account
      • Create and manage Instagram account (@ia.toki)
      • Create and manage LinkedIn account (as a company)
    • IA TOKI Blog
      • Create blog post about TOKI updates; at least once a month
    • Email
      • Admin of info@ia-toki.org
      • Admin of alumni@toki.or.id
    • Create SLACK channel for IA TOKI
    • Publish newsletter every quarter
      • About IA TOKI activities
      • About IA TOKI finance
  • Communication / Networking (Private)
    • Try to know / talk to / introduce myself personally to all TOKI alumni

December 2016 – Q1 2017

  • Administrative (end-year plan) 
    • Brian needs to edit his NPWP data
    • Administer NPWP for IA TOKI
  • Administrative (IA TOKI Database)
    • Collect new database using Google Form (Ali’s previous database only have 150+ people and collected manually)
      • IOI and Pelatnas
    • Check on the membership of IA TOKI private group
      • Need to make sure that the members are included in the database
      • Invite those “forgotten”
      • Remove member(s) who are actually not a part of IA TOKI
  • Fundraising (Internal)
    • Create deck for fundraising
    • Manage/execute fundraising event for TOKI alumni (can also be an alumni gathering)

  • Sponsorship (External)
    • Sponsorship for TOKI Camp 2017

  • Sales
    • Communicate about TLX for tech startup(s) who can use it for
      • Coding competition
      • Train their junior software engineer
  • PR activity
    • Communicate about IA TOKI to Alumni network
      • Related to social media and blog post
    • Communicate about IA TOKI external events to media (for example: Ngoding Seru)
      • Send press release
      • Engage as media partner
    • Communicate about IA TOKI to tech companies / community
      • Related to sponsorship and sales
      • Create public events (see below)
    • Create a community post about programming/coding at tech media (mentioning about IA TOKI) – alumni need to contribute (for example: this article).
  • Events
    • Internal events
      • Alumni gathering (once every Quarter; aim for 4 times/year)  
      • TOKI Camp in January 2016  
    • External events
      • Paid workshop for fresh graduate – another revenue channel
      • Paid consultation for tech companies – another revenue channel

How Can Alumni Contribute?

As mentioned before, I am really excited to be here and looking forward to learning together. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

  1. Database collection
  2. Alumni donation
  3. Network of companies to sell our products (lead generation)
  4. Help with external community post
  5. Help with external events (being present)  

For point 1 and 2 above, please click on the button below. 


The one who needs to fill out the form is TOKI alumni with the following attributes: have graduated high school,  joined Pelatnas before, and not eligible for IOI anymore.  Your privacy is safe with us; only IA TOKI committee can have access to the database. 

Thank you!


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